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European Championships in the UNESCO Heritage City 001-01

Regensburg invites you to the 10th European Veteran Athletic Championships
non – stadia in a cultural city with international standing. The old town of Regensburg with “Stadtamhof” is listed as a UNESCO Heritage since 2006. You are kindly invited to enjoy the experience “City of Regensburg”. Sport and sightseeing in a very old and still young city, in a metropolis of the Middle Ages.

Regensburg offers more than 2000 years of live history. There are so many interesting events, museums, galleries, boat rides, art & culture to be explored, which will be an unforgettable experience for our visitors.

Indulge in gourmet restaurants, beer gardens and trendy bars and feel the vibrant, urban life in a uniquely preserved medieval city center. Picturesque little alleys open up into courts and yards with patrician palaces. Great buildings and edifices from Romanesque to classicism. The stone bridge, a former architectural wonder of the world, has been arching over the river Danube for more than 850 years and St. Peter, the gothic cathedral, is admired by all visitors. You are so very welcome to enjoy Regensburg and to visit our ancient city, young at heart, a cosmopolitan medieval city.


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